This weekend the 19th of June is International World Gin day, it is a global celebration of all things gin.


There will be many bars in town that will offer Gin specials, from the tiny street cafes to the big bustling Gin centres of Bath. We would like to recommend a couple spots in town such as the classic Gin Bar and an array of other memorable venues to serve as a platform for you to have your choice of shaken or stirred Saturday shenanigans!


Saturday is about getting people together all around the world with a legitimate excuse…. to drink some gin, whether it’s in a cocktail, G&T or neat (yes, you can drink gin neat!).


So please join us in the spirit of World Gin day and come to meet some interesting new people in Bath over the coming weekend. Should you need a quite and calm place to rest your head after an interesting evening, The Henry guest house has what you need. To top it off, we always like to send our guests off with a life changing, mouth watering and mind sweeping breakfast!