The theme for this years Bath Carnival which will be gracing our streets on Saturday the 16th of July!

It is a community based project that will find plenty of local teachers, lecturers and students contributing to dance, music, costumes and just general antics.

Bath Carnival is partly inspired by Rio Carnival where the whole community come together to represent their favela (shanty town/ community), perform music and dance in the famous Carnival stadium.

If you are in town, do be prepared for a spectacle of local talent and jovial dancing around the streets as we parade around 5 different zones that Bath will be subdivided into in order to represent various Amazonas themes as follows:

Tropical Fruits: Widcombe, Lyncombe & Combe Down
Tribes: Lambridge, Walcot & Bathwick
Parrots and Toucans: Twerton, Southdown, Oldfield & Odd Down
Flowers: Newbridge, Weston & Lansdown
The Jungle: Kingsmead, Westmoreland & Abbey

Please do join us for a celebration of life!